6/∞ of BTS making me weak in 500px (¬‿¬)

6/ of BTS making me weak in 500px (¬‿¬)

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on a scale of baekhyun to joonmyun, how passionate is your dancing?

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this is why you cant say that nicki is not a feminist

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Favorite spanish word

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Harper’s Bazaar Swarovski Making Film - Xiumin

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Seven Levels of KpopLevel 1: This is where all the beginners are. They don't know their souls are being dragged down deeper and deeper the more they immerse themselves in the fandom.
Level 2: These are where the people who are on their way to being avid fans are. They've heard of the band, maybe heard of a few songs, but they can't tell the members apart yet.
Level 3: At this stage they have a favorite song that is always playing over and over in their head. They don't like the band enough to listen to the whole album, but they like it enough to know the band's name and the song they keep on going back to.
Level 4: By this point they know all of the members' names. No matter how many members, people on this level can spell it without a problem. They are more aware of other bands as well.
Level 5: Here is where they usually start having an ultimate bias and maybe get an OTP or maybe a few. They might consider getting a tumblr because everyone who likes Kpop has one right? They know their favorite groups' members and can tell them apart very well.
Level 6: At this stage the person will start calling their bias and/or multiple people of their favorite group "babies" or some other form of endearment. Kpop will be the thing they listen to the most. They'll also take a keen interest in the Korean culture as well and watch and familiarize themselves with the many dramas and variety shows Korean television has to offer.
Level 7: This is where it's very hard to get out. Once you're in this level you're in too deep. People here will most likely have many albums and if they don't it's because they don't have enough money. They can tell their bias from how they stand, talk, even by their hands. They know almost everything about their favorite members and they get an overwhelming wave of feelings rush through their body when they see a good picture of their bias and/or OTPs. The people who dug themselves to this point are practically on Tumblr for many hours during the day to the point of loosing sleep and getting it in the way of academic success. Some people control the Tumblr rush but others do not. People here will also devote their life to their beloved band even if it meant staying awake in the early hours of the morning to see a live performance.



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do the hyung-wiggle.

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